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Need a helping hand to remove stain on your upholstery or carpet at home or commercial premises in Coffs Harbour area? Removal of stain substances such as red wine, cordial, blood, ink, paint, wax, rust etc. is not an easy task and can be difficult to remove. Simple cleaning alone, cannot remove them most of the time

Unexpected little accidents happen all the time … children will accidentally spill a drink, vomit, or someone knocking over a glass of red wine or dropping a plate of food, it happened to us all. Your best chance is to act quickly, running to the kitchen and find any cloth or towel to mop up the dirt. The longer spills remain on your upholstery or carpet, the harder they are to remove, as they turn into a stain. Most carpet stains can be dealt with easily, but other stains will probably require enough knowledge, tool and product to completely remove the stain.

Frontline Carpet Cleaning offers carpet and upholstery stain removal services in Coffs Harbour

Not all cleaning company are trained and equipped to remove with these types of stains. It is a specialty service and therefore does require an additional charge.

  • Coffee Stains
  • Vomit Stains
  • Coke Stains
  • Oil Stains
  • Beer Stains
  • Lip Stick Stains
  • Makeup Stains
  • Sauce Stains
  • Cordial Stains
  • Soft Drink Stains
  • Texta Stains

  • Tea Stains
  • Red Wine Stains
  • Ink Stains
  • Juice Stains
  • Rust Stains
  • Permanent Marker Stains
  • Water Damage Stains
  • Urine Stains
  • Blood Stains
  • Grease Stains

Is it possible to remove any stain completely?

Please do note that not all stains are removable especially once stain removal has been attempted by yourself, anyone or another cleaner, our team cannot guarantee or predict the end result. However at Frontline Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee that if we can't remove the stain, no one else will be able to remove it either based on experience

In some cases, it is not possible to remove stain completely. Especially, when the stain has been left behind for a long time or have been treated with any cleaning products and detergents. Some of these over the counter stain removers actually bleach them rather than remove the stain. Bleach is not a stain, and cannot be removed by carpet cleaning as well.

Our team of expert stain removal cleaners are usually successful in removing them, when we are the first ones to treat it. Stain removal process requires specialised treatments. We will always inspect these types of stains first then discuss with you the cost and expected outcome before we proceed.


  • We more than 10 years of experience specialising in carpet cleaning
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • We will be on time, that’s our guarantee!
  • Your carpet will dry faster and eliminate mould, germs, fungi and bacteria keep them away for months.
  • Our team have been trained in all types of cleaning job
  • Our proven carpet cleaning hot water extraction process, leaves carpets clean and fresh
  • Affordable and Competitive rates

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